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Tom Six Really Appreciates “The Human Sexipede”

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

As the date gets nearer (2 days) for the release of The Human Sexipede, we are checking to see what buzz is online. Well, we stumbled across an interview with Tom Six and have to say thank you for mentioning us once again. As he states it is “very cool” we are making a movie base don his, even better is the answer to the last question of his interview:

What’s your fan mail look like?

There’s a Facebook page for the film and I’ve read the most incredible things there. There are people on there who are so very angry! People who want to sterilize me, that say that I’m worse than Hitler, people who say I should be shot. And I laugh at all that. But then there are also people who say I’m a genius and they absolutely love it. They’re also making a porn movie now too, “The Human Sexipede.” That’s very cool.

What’s it like casting members of the human centipede? I’m guessing casting “Part 2″ was easier than casting “Part 1.”

Oh yeah, absolutely. The first part was hell to cast. We did a casting in New York and 70% of the girls just walked out of the audition because they thought I was an idiot when I explained how they’d have to go mouth to ass. I had to use all my charm to explain to the girls what I was going to do because they had no clue what it was going to look like. After the first film got so much attention everywhere, it was so much easier to cast the second part.

People were practically lining up to go mouth to ass?

Yeah! It’s really funny when you’re sitting there and people drop to their hands and knees so easily.

Yes, it is pretty funny when people drop to their hands and knees so easily Tom….we would know.

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We Support You Tom Six, and The Human Centipede 2

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Tom Six is in the process of making a sequel to The Human Centipede….does this mean we have to make The Human Sexipede 2?

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Director of “The Human Centipede” is “overjoyed” with Sexipede

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Tom Six from Human Centipede talks about Human Sexipede

From Britfilms.com
It is probably fair to say that ‘The Human Centipede’ has become something of a phenomenon. At an exclusive screening of the film at the Apollo Cinema West End on Friday night, the director Tom Six was in attendance and when asked as to whether or not he was aware that a porn version of the film was in the works seemed overjoyed!

“Yes I know of this, it is called the Human Sexipede and it means we are now one of the big boys. When the porn guys copy you it is good – have you seen the poster?”

Yes Mr Six was very pleased and as you can see the poster is well, interesting. Six was taking many questions from the audience at the screening and although he is staying very tight lipped on the sequel he did say that ‘The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence’ will make the first film look like ‘My Little Pony’ – holy cow what is the man thinking?

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The Human Sexipede – XXX Parody

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