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September 16th, 2010

From FilmDrunk

The trailer for The Human Sexipede, starring Amber Rayne, Sunny Lane, Danica Dillan, Jynx Maze, and Kaci Starr (GRR, GOOGLE KEYWORDS!), the latest XXX parody from XXX parody master Tom Byron, first hit the web a couple days ago but was quickly pulled from YouTube.  I emailed the production company, hoping to get a new one online, but it might surprise you to learn that porn people aren’t nearly as reliable as you might expect.  Anyway, Buzzfeed got it back online and here it is.  Strangely, it doesn’t seem to involve poop eating.  How am I supposed to get off to this?  I also enjoy that the rise in free porn has apparently turned every porn producer into a Borscht-belt comedian.  Some of the key lines:

“I’m so dirty that the girls from 2 Girls 1 Cup have to videotape their reactions when they watch me.”

“My balls are so big and blue, they’re like extras from Avatar.”

“And hopefully, I don’t screw it up so that you’re all eating each other’s sh*t.”

(*toilet flush, donkey bray*) Heeeey, be careful out there, folks, we’ve got a mattress in the left-hand lane on the 52 and don’t forget, Terry Fator will be playing the Giggle Tent this Sunday and we’ve got FREE TICKETS, so keep it locked to Frampton and The Wiener!  (*bike horn*) Jokes aside, the funny thing is, Tom Byron is way better at parody than Seltzer Friedberg.  Aw crap, is that Evan Stone?  Ugh.  That guy is like the Cam Gigandet of porn.

Human-Sexipede-Sunny-Lane Human-Sexipede-Tom-Byron

I can’t post them here, but I highly recommend the mildly NSFW Human Sexipede poster, and this similarly mildly NSFW apparently unrelated Human Sexipede.

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The Human Sexipede Is Getting Around

September 7th, 2010

Let’s give a big Human Sexipede Shout Out for Steve Calderon and his phenomenal post:

Checkout his full blog at:

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Director of “The Human Centipede” is “overjoyed” with Sexipede

August 24th, 2010

Tom Six from Human Centipede talks about Human Sexipede

From Britfilms.com
It is probably fair to say that ‘The Human Centipede’ has become something of a phenomenon. At an exclusive screening of the film at the Apollo Cinema West End on Friday night, the director Tom Six was in attendance and when asked as to whether or not he was aware that a porn version of the film was in the works seemed overjoyed!

“Yes I know of this, it is called the Human Sexipede and it means we are now one of the big boys. When the porn guys copy you it is good – have you seen the poster?”

Yes Mr Six was very pleased and as you can see the poster is well, interesting. Six was taking many questions from the audience at the screening and although he is staying very tight lipped on the sequel he did say that ‘The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence’ will make the first film look like ‘My Little Pony’ – holy cow what is the man thinking?

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Conversations with Director Lee Roy Myers

August 20th, 2010

By Gene Ross of AdultFYI

Lee Roy Myers Director of The Human Sexipede

Like an alien from another planet, director Lee Roy Myers came to earth, landed in San Fernando Valley and soon began making the Porn Parody business his own.

No one really knew who Myers was, but he gained quick acceptance into porn society and suddenly emerged as one of the top go-to guys for the reinvented parody genre.

With that kind of real life story in play, I’d figure Myers for at least a porn spin of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Close, but no space ship. Though Myers comes pretty near, having just put the wraps to “The Human Sexipede,” a take on the cult horror hit, “The Human Centipede”.

The original, a Dutch film directed by Tom Six, is about girls who get surgically connected, ass-to-mouth, into a chain of humans with a single digestive system. Family entertainment through and through, you might say. Bring back the drive-ins.

Myers’ project, in tandem with Tom Byron’s company, has gotten a lot of mainstream play in recent weeks from websites devoted to the truly weird.

“Crazy, huh?” laughs Myers acknowledging the attention.

“We picked the project because we figured it was nuts enough that people would say, ‘look at the crazy people in pornography!’”

In all of this gee-whiz and hoo-ha, one’s likely to forget an even earlier announcement Myers put out that he was leaving New Sensations. Lest one be looking for knife fights, ego collisions, the ever popular citing of creative differences, or tabloid confessions that Myers had become world-weary from making parodies prompting his decision to leave, Myers claims it wasn’t that way at all.

“I like doing parodies,” states Myers flatly in rebuttal.

“And I owe a lot to New Sensations. I’m very grateful for what they did for me. But I really feel like I needed to try new things, different projects like The Human Sexipede, something that wouldn’t necessarily fly at New Sensations.”

One thing’s for certain. Myers won’t have much time to bum around, cultivate the five o’clock shadow he’s known for and reside on his laurels.

He’s got his own studio Nightingale Pictures to think about plus a line called Lee Roy Myers Presents [look for a parody of Tron]. This, aside from other deals in the works with Tom Byron Pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

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Prepare Yourself: “The Human Centipede” Is Getting A XXX Makeover

August 15th, 2010

Prepare Yourself: "The Human Centipede" Is Getting A XXX Makeover

“The Human Centipede”: depraved, disgusting…sexy? Not really—but that’s exactly why it’s the basis of Lee Roy Myers’s latest porn parody, “The Human Sex-ipede.” Can’t believe it’s real? We have the script.

We know what you’re thinking: what kind of sick, twisted mind turns the horrifying tale of a mad scientist who sews three people into a centipede-like abomination into a fuck flick? The same sick, twisted mind that brought us “The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody, ” of course. But don’t worry too much about Lee Roy’s mental health: it seems he’s more into this whole idea for the shock and awe factor, rather than the erotic potential of, uh, mouths grafted onto anuses.

In “The Human Sex-ipede,” three tourists are captured by a mad sex educator (German, of course), who plans to sew them all together, mouth to genitals (scat averted!). Lee Roy’s promised us that it’ll be heavier on the slapstick than the gross outs (“a true parody”), which we certainly appreciate. Let’s face it: after seeing “The Human Centipede,” we could all use a good laugh.

Dying to see how it turns out? Check out the script below:

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August 10th, 2010

Behind the scenes at The Human SexipedeI know what you’re saying- “But how? How could you possibly make a sexier film than The Human Centipede?” But Tom Byron is going to try.

He’s just posted two pictures from their upcoming parody The Human Sexipede,Sunny Lane - The Human Sexipede which we can’t show you here without getting you fired from your job. But head on over to their blog to see them, one of which is a very clever take on the poster.

Danica Dillan, Lee Roy Myers and Amber Rayne star. Byron also has a porn parody of The Big Lebowski on the way.

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The Human Centipede Porn Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

August 9th, 2010

Further proof that the adult entertainment industry can create a parody film out of anything has arrived: director Lee Roy Myers and Tom Byron Pictures will take The Human Centipede and turn it into — wait for it — The Human Sex-ipede. Hilarious rationalizations for this project ahead.

Why did Myers decide to embark on this project? Well, logic.

“The actual movie is about a German mad scientist that sews three people together, anus to mouth. I thought, ‘you know what, this is the perfect concept to base a parody around. Anything putting human faces that close to genitals deserves the porn treatment.’”

And how! Myers is actually the brain behind such acclaimed XXX parodies as The Office, Seinfeld and Reno 911, but according to him, The Human Sex-ipede might be his Citizen Kane.

“In this version three tourists in Germany are captured by a mad sex educator and he wants to sew them all together, mouth to genitals, and I am doing a slapstick version. It is a true parody and I think it’s one of the best things that I’ve written, at least one of the funniest things that I’ve written.”

The film is scheduled for DVD release this October. Reserve your copies now.

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