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AVN Nominations for The Human Sexipede

November 23rd, 2010

AVN 2011 Awards Nominations

The AVN Nominations have been announced today and The Human Sexipede is in the running!!!!

Best Parody – Comedy

Best Make-Up

Best Online Marketing Campaign – Individual Project

Check out more AVN Nominations for Tom Byron Pictures and Lee Roy Myers.

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XBiz and XFanz Editor’s Choice!!!

November 17th, 2010

The Human Sexipede

Is Editor’s Choice!

xfanz editor's choice
xbiz editor's choice

For Immediate Release

November 12, 2010

(Van Nuys, CA) – The Human Sexipede (www.humansexipede.com) has just been named Editor’s Choice by XBIZ! The sexy, controversial feature from the minds of Lee Roy Myers and Tom Byron Pictures (www.tombyronpictures.com) has entered the spotlight once again.

The highly respected adult entertainment news source, XBIZ states The Human Sexipede’s “production quality is excellent, the screenplay witty, and the sex hot and occasionally twisted.” By gracing the movie as Editor’s Choice, XBIZ shows that as long as a satirical movie is well planned it can still be highly erotic, even when parodying a movie based on sewing asses to mouths. This marks the forth movie by Tom Byron Pictures to be names Editor’s Choice in 2010 joining: Big Tit Fixation 2The Best Of Lord Of Asses, and House Of Ass 12.

The Human Sexipede has proved its popularity and created solid fan base. The soft-trailer on YouTube has now gained over 250,000 views and has the movie been recognized by leaders in horror movie blogs, mainstream outlets (Z100, Spike TV), and even The Human Centipede’s director Tom Six.

“A big thank you goes to XBIZ for noticing how hard we worked. Receiving the Editor’s Choice is an honor,” states Lee Roy Myers, director of The Human Sexipede.

“XBIZ is an industry leader in adult news and for them to choose The Human Sexipede for Editor’s Choice just shows how great of a director Lee Roy Myers is and how talented the performers are,” claims Tom Byron. “Thank you for the recognition XBIZ.”

The Human Sexipede stars: Tom Byron, Sunny Lane, Danica Dillan, Amber Rayne, Jynx Maze, Kaci Starr, Evan Stone, Keni Styles, and Jordan Ash.

Please visit the website www.humansexipede.com for stills, the script, and more from the movie.
The trailer is available on the website, but also on YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBalKXCaXOM

About Evolution Distribution:
The Human Sexipede is available through Evolution Distribution ( www.evolutiondist.com) and streets Thursday, September 30th, 2010.  For wholesale ordering information, please contact Adam HasnerEvolution Distribution Sales Manager, at 609-426-1777, ext. 228, or email adam@evolutiondist.com.

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Almost 200,000 Views!!!

October 5th, 2010

The YouTube trailer is almost at 200,000 views!!! Come on everyone, spread the word!!! Lets get this movie waaaayyyy up there!!!

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September 30th, 2010

This is it everyone….The Human Sexipede is out now!!!!

Pick up your copy HERE

the human sexipede cover

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Wow, what a sexy pede!

September 28th, 2010

We found this on filmdrunk.com when reading what they had to say about The Human Sexipede. I must say, this is one sexy pede.

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Tom Six Really Appreciates “The Human Sexipede”

September 28th, 2010

As the date gets nearer (2 days) for the release of The Human Sexipede, we are checking to see what buzz is online. Well, we stumbled across an interview with Tom Six and have to say thank you for mentioning us once again. As he states it is “very cool” we are making a movie base don his, even better is the answer to the last question of his interview:

What’s your fan mail look like?

There’s a Facebook page for the film and I’ve read the most incredible things there. There are people on there who are so very angry! People who want to sterilize me, that say that I’m worse than Hitler, people who say I should be shot. And I laugh at all that. But then there are also people who say I’m a genius and they absolutely love it. They’re also making a porn movie now too, “The Human Sexipede.” That’s very cool.

What’s it like casting members of the human centipede? I’m guessing casting “Part 2″ was easier than casting “Part 1.”

Oh yeah, absolutely. The first part was hell to cast. We did a casting in New York and 70% of the girls just walked out of the audition because they thought I was an idiot when I explained how they’d have to go mouth to ass. I had to use all my charm to explain to the girls what I was going to do because they had no clue what it was going to look like. After the first film got so much attention everywhere, it was so much easier to cast the second part.

People were practically lining up to go mouth to ass?

Yeah! It’s really funny when you’re sitting there and people drop to their hands and knees so easily.

Yes, it is pretty funny when people drop to their hands and knees so easily Tom….we would know.

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We Support You Tom Six, and The Human Centipede 2

September 27th, 2010

Tom Six is in the process of making a sequel to The Human Centipede….does this mean we have to make The Human Sexipede 2?

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The “King Of Porn” and Lee Roy Myers Thank You PopPorn…

September 16th, 2010

By Brian Bangs of PopPorn

Now, we’re not naming names, but the adult industry is somewhat notorious for taking the easy way out. Just look at thisblatant attempt to do as little work as possible or this one over here. Honestly, most people who work in the adult industry are only there because they failed at one thing or another in life and thus, found refuge in the easy going, adult-porno arena.

Hell, look at us. Collectively, we’re failed musicians, artists, film makers, comic book authors, writers and love makers. Thus, we carved out a little niche in the back of the short bus and set up shop. Don’t feel bad for us, some people have to be the folks who stand and wave as the parade goes by.

However, every once in a while there is a porno person that comes along that actually accepts a challenge that others might have said, “Nu-fuckin’-uh.” Case in point, Lee Roy Myers upcoming production of The Human Sexipede.

The Human Centipede is a dutch horror film that tells the story of a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, mouth to anus, forming a “human centipede“. By the way, I just copy and pasted that synopsis from wikipedia. See? Lazy!

Anyways, to make a long story short, The Human Centipede sounds amazingly twisted and cruel but ultimately, it’s a shitty movie. We love a good fucked up flick around these parts but sadly, The Human Centipede was tepid at best. However, even as a luke warm, rather dull horror movie, we never thought anyone would actually go as far as to turn it into a porn parody. Well, dip us in honey glaze and call us holiday dinner, that’s precisely what the King of porn, Tom Byron and his studio Tom Byron Pictures went and did withThe Human Sexipede.

As we mentioned, Tom tapped veteran porn parody maestro, Lee Roy Myers to helm the feature and while it’s a parody which ultimately dooms it to shitty-ness, you have to give credit where credit is due. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but we’d like to give a high-five to team Byron and Team Lee Roy for taking the chance.

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September 16th, 2010

Ok everyone this is the moment we need your help. Tosh.O has given “The Human Centipede” a spoiler alert and now “The Human Sexipede” has a chance to receive the same treatment. We are sure it will get ripped apart because supposedly Daniel Tosh isn’t into the guy-on-girl thing, but we hope he can appreciate our movie.



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Fleshbot Hosts Original Trailer

September 16th, 2010

Our friends at Fleshbot are helping us out by hosting the original trailer on their site. We thank them very much and hope you all enjoy it.

Click here to watch!


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